Jon Lloyd

Jon Lloyd  – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and composition.


I have worked in the fields of improvised music, jazz and contemporary composition for over 20 years, performing and recording with my own and other groups and (I hope) gaining a reputation as an innovative, uniquely styled saxophonist and a composer of intelligent and exciting contemporary music. Most of my work as a performer and composer has explored the boundaries between composition and improvisation, structure and freedom.


In 2009, after a break from organising bands and touring for a number of years, I returned to writing small group jazz for the first version of this band. The new 2013 recording Vanishing Points has been made on the strength of what has now become a powerful touring line-up, and the main focus for my musical life!






My interest as a musician has always been in the music made by creative improvising musicians working together. In the 1990s most of my work as a saxophonist and composer tried to explore what happens when you contain the freedom of creative musicians within different organisational frameworks. I like spontaneous improvisation when it works, but I wanted to learn to handle structure, because some structure seemed to be important. What could be achieved with varying amounts of written material to adhere to, improvise upon or even ignore altogether? For me this became the key to unlocking all the interesting stuff! Although some of my subsequent music turned out to be quite abstract, most groups I assembled (or played with) possessed an energy, a harmonic and rhythmic content and a musical philosophy which would probably best be described as free jazz. Since then, though, my musical interests have broadened to incorporate a lot of other influences, jazz and otherwise! As a musician you need to keep moving forward. “

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Great, creative musicians I have worked with over the years have included:


•Pianist John Law, bassists Paul Rogers and Tim Wells, drummer Mark Sanders in the 90's Jon Lloyd Quartet.


•Cellist Stan Adler, bassist John Edwards, violinist Aleks Kolkowski, trombonist Marc Stutz in the 90's Jon Lloyd Sextet.


•Bassist Marcio Mattos, drummer Paul Clarvis in the group Jon Lloyd Four.


•Drummer Klaus Kugel, bassist Christian Ramond, bass clarinettist Michel Pilz in the John Law Quintet.


•Drummer Gerry Hemingway in John Law’s Abacus.


•Violinist Phil Wachsmann, guitarist Rob Palmer and electronics manipulator Paul Chauncy in Apparitions.


•Viola player Cathy Stevens and cellist Stan Adler in my 2006 chamber music trio.


•Drummers Asaf Sirkis  and Dave Hamblett and bassists Rodney Teague and Tom Farmer in my current Jon Lloyd Group.